husband and wife jokes

husband and wife jokes

Husband and wife jokes


The perfect Murder

A stupid man read in the newspaper that a husband murdered his wife and buried her under his bed. The police couldn’t discover the crime until he died 25 years after his crime.

The stupid man thought how much he hates his wife and how much happy he could be if he gets rid of her. He finally, decided to commit the same crime as that man mentioned in the newspaper.

He killed his wife, dug under his bed and buried her there, happily opened the T.V. to watch a movie portending nothing has happened.

In 20 minutes, the police broke into his flat and arrested him. He was shocked and showed them the newspaper saying: I did the same as this man, so why did you come that fast to arrest me and how did you know about it?

The police office explained: “when that man buried his wife, he used to live on the ground floor, while you are living on the fifth floor, idiot”.